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Meet Our Skin Guru

Laura Correa

Owner/Therapeutic Esthetician

"A lovely client once asked me what my favorite part of giving a facial treatment is. As I thought for a second the answer became so clear to me.

It is simply just meeting new people and connecting with them. It is having an easy conversation about skincare and skin, it is listening, it is sharing knowledge, it is about trusting, it is learning about their incredible stories, it is feeling honored that as they share their strengths, vulnerabilities or just silence with me. Most importantly, it is each guest leaving my studio not only with beautiful skin but also uplifted and feeling like they had a purely authentic experience.

That is not only my favorite part; it is what drives me every day and fills my heart with passion for what I do."

Laura has been working in the skincare and beauty industry both in Los Angeles and Washington DC for the past 15 years. She has worked with leading cosmetic lines and spas including a renowned dermatology practice Tamjidi Skin Institute. Throughout her professional career she has treated a variety of different skin types including the most sensitive skin to severe acne, laser and topically treated skin.

Born in Szeged, Hungary she was inspired at an early age to value skin care. The Hungarian women in her family consider the health of the skin and the body of the upmost priority. Commonly used powerful ani aging ingredients used by Hungarian women are freshly grown rose, made into rosewater, organic cold pressed rose hip oils, calendula and healing thermal waters. Laura reflects these exceptional heirloom values today inspiring her to bring these traditions to her facial treatments as well as her own skin care regimen.

Her natural skincare philosophy stems from her own personal experience with problem skin. She found that the most effective skincare lines were ones that were preservative free, organic and innovative. She is committed to providing her clients with natural ingredients to help them to achieve beautiful healthy balanced skin.

Laura’s specialty is a “hands on” facial, affording the client a much more personal experience and allowing her own creativity to flourish. She uses innovative facial massage techniques combining European and Eastern massage to invigorate and revitalize the skin for optimum results.

She believes in balance of the mind body and soul, so she has attained a variety of licensures in order to provide her clients with the most complete experience. She is a licensed esthetician, but is also certified in chakra healing, lymphatic massage therapy for the face and body, microdermabrasion, administering professional strength peels, and body contour Vela Shape laser treatments.

The treatments she offers are specially tailored for each client’s specific skin care needs at each visit. She takes time with each client to analyze the skin and select the perfect combination of products to be used at each visit. Laura’s philosophy is “knowledge is power.” She believes in educating her clients about each product that she uses in a session and suggests for home care to ensure her guests understand the intention and use of the products. One can expect to have a truly unique, healing, and uplifting experience in a single tranquil space that perfectly accommodates both body and spirit.