Serving the area for over 20 years.


Welcome to Green Revolution Skin Studio!

 We are a specialty skin care studio offering personalized and customized healing skin care treatments always using the freshest and most effective and innovative organic skin care products on the market today. 60-70% of ingredients we place on our skin gets absorbed in to our cells and tissues so it only makes sense to use the cleanest and freshest ingredients when it comes to our skin care products.

Our beautiful and innovative skin care collection includes The Body Deli, using only the freshest live organic ingredients, Sircuit Skincare, an exceptional medical grade paraben free, sulfate free line, and other 100% certified organic products by; Eminence, Suki, May Lindstrom, Skincando, Bottega Organica, Kypris Beauty, ISUN organics, Marie Veronique, Tata Harper, 8 Faces Beauty, ILCSI organic skincare from Europe, Osea Malibu, and many more indie organic beauty gems like these!

The products we choose to work with are loaded with the most active and potent vitamins, minerals and enzymes that nourish the skin cells to the max. Our facial treatments always deliver optimum results for all skin types and conditions including severe acne, sensitive skin, laser treated skin as well as skin treated with prescriptions tropicals such as Retin-A.

We believe it is just as as important to nourish the outside of the skin with fresh wholesome ingredients as you would on the inside with organic food. Our products are just like like health food for the skin leaving your complexion rejuvenated and revitalized after each visit. Our customized therapeutic treatments inspire your senses with aromatherapy notes and offer a healing and tranquil experience like no other spa.

We offer a truly private experience as we only cater to only a single client in a single beautiful treatment space. We feel this creates a special and private atmosphere where the focus is solely on each client’s unique experience. We provide each client a truly exceptional experience by uniquely tailoring each treatment towards their specific skin care need and concerns. We guarantee each of our client’s skin care needs are optimally met and radiant balanced skin is achieved after every carefully crafted facial.

At Green Revolution believe regular self-care for the skin is the secret to slowing down the aging process and looking and feeling your very best! We invite you to treat your skin and soul to the very best in organic skin care and experience specialty facial treatments that will have you glowing inside and out.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!